Booking Travel Deals and Getaways Online

Travel Deals And Getaways can save you many dollars. However, these bargain travel deals and getaways aren’t always as easy to find as one would hope.

Another consideration is that if you are searching for something specific or require a specific location, there isn’t always an online travel deal to get you there. Suppose you wanted to visit the O’leary Potato Museum in O’leary, PEI, Canada. I very much doubt you will find it in a list of Travel Deals And Getaways, as they are usually part of a purchase from a consolidator.

Consolidators are companies that buy large quantities of tickets from the airlines in bulk, or have contract of their own, with the airlines companies. They usually receive very low fares. Some of these consolidators only sell tickets to travel agents, while others may sell directly to the traveler.

Consolidators are one of the best sources for bargain travel deals and getaways, because they are usually cost less than the lowest published fares from the airlines. Some consolidators represent the airline and have the authority to act as a sales agents for the airline itself, but not all travel consolidators have this authority.

Many distribute their discounted fares via travel agents and travel websites only, where they are made available to the public.

You can purchase discounted tickets from consolidators directly, but they are usually for only one aspect of your trip, for example, air fares, and you then must search for the rest of your trip, such as your lodging, transportation, etc.

If you decide to use a consolidator consider the following tips:

1. Different consolidators may offer different prices for the same destination. Shop around for the best deal…..

2. Buy your tickets with a credit card, if you never get the tickets you can get a refund from your credit card company.

3. Airlines usually reserve the right to change the fares on consolidator tickets at any time, so the fares are not guaranteed until you actually receive the ticket.

4. Consolidators will frequently charge you any difference in price, between when you purchased the tickets and when you received them.

5. Deal with a local consolidator whenever you can. Pick up your tickets in person if at all possible. Check out the company first. If they belong to a local BBB it is a good start.

6. Consolidators, as a general rule, do not accept credit cards. They have to pay a transaction fee on credit card orders, and that eats up a large percentage of their profits. You will often see a cash discount of a few percentage points to overcome this.

7. Be sure to call the airline just as soon as you get your tickets to validate them as authentic. There are a few scam artists which spoil it for everyone.

8. Consolidators are now also buying up blocks of hotel rooms and selling them at steep discounts. This is great for travelers like us!.

9. Travel Deals And Getaways through Dynamic Packaging is a method that is being increasingly used in package holiday bookings, enabling consumers to build their own package of flights, accommodation, car rental, etc, instead of a pre-defined package. This allows for a customized vacation plan, and, if done through a reputable online booking agency, the process can be just as enjoyable as the trip.


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